The 10 Days of the Village Elf

December 27, 2016

The Elf on a Shelf had a grand old time again this December at Atlanta Tech Village. And we have to admit, we had some fun with him too. From cutting music videos with startups to stirring up some harmless mischief, the Elf is what we would call a good culture fit.Without further ado- here are The 10 Days of the Village Elf posted to the Atlanta Tech Village Instagram account. We hope they bring you a few chuckles because the Village Elf and the Atlanta Tech Village team wish you the happiest of holidays.Pro Tip: turn your volume up!

1. Hello Elf

Adele teamed up with the Village Elf for his 2016 debut.

Hello Elf

2. Two Front Teeth Elf

Accidents happen, especially when people fling you at a gong. Anyone know a good dentist?

teeth elf

3. Highway Elf

On the third day of the Village Elf, he headed out on the highway... with a scooter, in Atlanta traffic. That didn't stop him.


4. Can't Stop the Feeling Elf

Eat your heart out Justin Timberlake, the Village Elf recruited some members for his own dance video.

JT Elf

5. Free Falling Elf

On the 5th day of the Village Elf, he was FREEEEE, FREE FALLLLING.

tom petty elf

6. 4th Birthday Elf

The Village turned 4 years old, so the Elf ate some cake, popped some champagne, and had a dance party.

4th birthday elf

7. The Slay Elf

Beyonce isn't the only one who slays. The Elf does too, in a SLEIGH.

beyonce elf

8. The Dab Elf

Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play.

The Dab Elf

9. Ridin' Solo Elf

The Village was ridin' solo this Christmas Eve.

Ridin' solo Elf

10. Come Fly With Me Elf

The Village Elf headed home this season via drone and a little Sinatra. Safe travels, Elf!

Farewell Elf


The creative team who made this production possible:Writer/Producer: Karlee YoungDirector/Editor: Karen HoughtonProduction Manager: Kaitlyn KlimbachStar Talent: Village ElfSee y'all next year.

December 27, 2016
Karen Houghton