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The Village community includes a number of Mentors who have committed to “pay it forward” and help startup Founders achieve their goals. We strongly believe every Founder should have at least one Mentor.

This highly coveted group of experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs provide startup Founders with a deep, one-on-one relationship that delves into the personal and professional aspects over a long period of time. Mentors are committing to help you, and you are committing to not waste their time, deliver updates, and be open to receiving feedback.

If you’re interested in a Mentor, we strongly encourage you to first read this article about choosing the right Mentor. It’s a little like dating; it takes a commitment!

Making an Appointment

Click on the Mentor’s picture to view their bio and more information. See someone who might be a good fit? Swipe right and… just kidding! Click “Make an Appointment” to email the Mentor, and schedule a time to meet. You won’t regret it.

Questions? Let our Mentor Coordinator Kelly Anne know!


Jane McCracken
Ashton Thomas
Christine Jones
Shade Reid
Adam Lewites
James Summer
Bahadir Ustaoglu
Jake Hadden
Cameron Abt
Diane Bloodworth
Jeff Goldblatt
Phil Hill
Brennen Lawrence
Bill Jones
Jermaine Brown
Kim Wilson
Mike Burke
Aaron Hurst