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Pay it Forward.
Be Nice.
Work Hard. Play Hard.
Dream Big.

Community Expectations

  1. We are a community of people who share a common faith in the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Be open to meeting folks and learning from others.
  2. Be an encouragement to the people around you.
  3. Be a hero, clean up after yourself. Please keep all common areas, conference rooms, kitchens, and your own space neat and clean.
  4. Respect people’s property: please do not take or use things that are not yours.
  5. Please use your inside voice and be respectful of the people trying to work around you.
  6. Headphones are encouraged for your sweet beats.
  7. Please do not adjust thermostats, lights or move furniture. If you have a request, please submit a support ticket.
  8. Not feeling well? We invite you to stay home and eat chicken noodle soup.
  9. COVID-19 Update: Please do not enter the building if you have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus over the past 14 days or if you have any coronavirus symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea.
  10. Be self sufficient- that means whenever possible try to figure things out on your own before you start asking questions.
  11. We love networking and community, but please don’t abuse this. While we appreciate the hustle, no solicitation allowed. No unwanted sales pitches, peddling wares, or pyramid schemes in the Village…yes, this includes leaving your swag around the building ;).
  12. You are responsible for your own property. We try to strike the right balance between controlled access and security and functional use of the facility by Members. Not everyone will agree with the balance, but you should understand Atlanta Tech Village is not responsible for the security of your possessions or self. Use reasonable caution and prudence.
  13. Weapons, drugs, explosives and any and all illegal activities… Seriously? Just no.
  14. Keycards should never be shared or given to others. If you lose your keycard, please notify Atlanta Tech Village staff immediately so we can cancel that card and issue a new one. A $100 fine will be charged for keycard sharing and a fee will apply to any keycard replacement.
  15. Fire alarm – if the fire alarm goes off, you must evacuate the building, whether it is a “real” or scheduled drill. Failure to evacuate during a fire drill could result in a fine or judicial action.
  16. Guests and visitors are required to check in with our lobby iPads and should be accompanied at all times.
  17. Please don’t smoke. If you must, smoking is only permitted in the designated Smoking Area on the top floor of the parking deck.
  18. Consume alcohol responsibly. If you drink at the Village, remember moderation and consideration of others is expected. All alcohol from the Village must stay in the Village (no “to go” cups). We hope it goes without saying, but we will anyway —don’t drive impaired. And remember, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to drink under Georgia law. No exceptions. And again, no “to go” cups!
  19. Use of conference rooms MUST be reserved online and times respected. Due to shared space we ask that bookings are limited to four hours per member, per week, with the exception of the Lenox Board Room. Additional parameters are outlined in the booking calendar.
  20. Develop sensitivity. You may be feeling chatty, but your neighbor may not. Take conversations outside, to a conference room, common area, or game room and away from working areas. Remember those glass walls are not sound proof and we ask that you keep your language and noise levels respectful of your neighbors.
  21. Please “pay forward” whatever positive benefits you receive. For every introduction you get, consider providing an introduction to another person. For every hour of advice you receive, consider giving an hour of advice to someone else. For every risk someone takes with you, consider taking a risk for someone else.
  22. Pets are loved best at home. Please do not bring them to the Village. The Village reserves the right to fine you $50 per sighting of a pet on property with the exception of ADA service animals.
  23. Be nice: No bias, prejudice, physical, verbal, or sexual harassment.  None. We have a zero tolerance policy. You do this, we will escort you off the premise.
  24. Have ideas or feedback? Let the Village team know.