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How do I add a new team member to my membership?

Congratulations 🎉!

Thanks for hiring an awesome new team member to join the Village family! We love adding great people to our community. Please get your new hires excited to onboard with us during our New Member Orientation! This is where we give them a special welcome, help them get acclimated, and give them their keycard.

Below are the 3 easy (required) steps that you need to communicate to your new team member. We suggest a quick copy and paste of the below content to send them. =)


Please go to members.atlantatechvillage.com and scroll down and select your plan.

Member On Boarding Pic

Choose your correct plan (usually Additional Person in Office) and complete the process. Company name is required so we can loop you under the correct team.


Please use THIS link to schedule your New Member Orientation on your first day of work.  Appointments start at 9:30am (Monday-Thursday). It will be awesome and under 30 minutes. =)

Enjoy a cup of coffee while we show you the ins and outs of the Village (because we are WAY more than just office space). We reward your time with your key card which will make you officially official.

Note: You can only pick up your key card through our New Member Orientation.


You can park in the Village Parking Deck on your first day by utilizing our Visitor Parking for a paid, hourly rate. Monthly parking passes can be arranged through your startup's Founder and/or hiring manager AFTER you have attended New Member Orientation. The MARTA Buckhead Station is also a quick 4 minute walk.

PARKING- All the questions and answers you need.

Please note: BEFORE arranging parking, you must be signed up as a member AND received your key card. =)PARKING:(1) Village Deck- our deck is for Reserved Desk and Office members only, not hot desks at this time.ALL OFFICES have a 2:1 ratio of desk versus parking spots at $98/month in our Village deck. Examples listed below:

  • 2 desk office: 1 parking spot
  • 3 desk office: 2 parking spots
  • 4 desk office: 2 parking spots
  • 5 desk office: 3 parking spots
  • 6 desk office: 3 parking spots
  • 8 desk office: 4 parking spots
  • 10 desk office: 5 parking spots

RESERVED DESKS can purchase one spot per desk. (Village deck parking is not offered to hot desks)You can purchase these spots and direct all parking questions to: parking@atlantatechvillage.com

(2) Prominence Parking-This is literally right next door to us, across Lenox Road. We have timed it, and it is an awesome 4 minute walk to the Village. Cost is $95/month. This is open to any Village member! To purchase email is: Ray.johnson@reefparking.com or call 404-207-5006.(3) Capital City Parking-You can access this deck by still turning at the light off Lenox onto Tower Place. It is about a 5 minute walk. These are also available for $150/month. To purchase email Jimmy Potter Jpotter@lanierparking.com.VISITOR PARKING:You may purchase validation stickers for your guests from the 1st floor front desk.Canceling Parking: If you need to cancel a parking spot in the Village deck, please provide 30 days notice by emailing parking@atlantatechvillage.com.

A team member is leaving. How do I off board them?

Please collect the leaving team member's key card and turn it into the the Security Desk. Then email Richard (richard@atlantatechvillage.com) and let him know the name of the person who is no longer on your team. He will take them off your payment plan and delete them out of our system.

What accommodations does the Village have for lactation/pumping?

The Village has a state-of-the-art lactation lounge in partnership with The Mom Project located on the Club Level. This space is exclusively available to lactating members and includes amenities like two private pumping pods, blue tooth speakers, space heaters, storage lockers, a sink, disinfectant machine, lactation drinks & snacks, and a fridge, etc.

If you or a team member needs to request access to the lactation lounge, please email hello@atlantatechvillage.com and include:

Full Name
Startup Name
Return to office date/Date access is needed

Key card problems, replacements, and questions.

To replace a lost keycard, the fee is $10.00 and you need to schedule a time with Irina at the front lobby desk for replacement. Is your key card not working properly? We can reset it. Please email Irina at irina@atlantatechvillage.com with your name, company name, and the exact problem you are having. She will be in touch shortly. Wondering how many keycards come with your office? Private offices can have up to 20% extra keycards per your desk ratio. So, if you have a 4 person office, you can have 5 keycards to allocate. (hello, interns!)Subleasing to a fellow member? No problem. We know it helps pay the bills. The owner of the office plan is solely responsible for everything including payments, parking, subleasing, and Village Team needs. As the main (and only) point of contact, you are responsible for communicating the on boarding instructions to each new member. And, all on boards/off boards need to be communicated directly from you (owner of the account) to Richard at richard@atlantatechvillage.com .

What is the visitor policy?

VISITOR POLICY:You must greet and walk your visitors from the entrance to your area. We have an awesome iPad check in system in our 1st floor lobby for your guests. Through the ipad, they will look up the person they are meeting. If that is you, you will be greeted with a text that says who that person is, what company they are with, and that they are waiting for you to pick them up in reception (the 1st floor lobby). You are able to respond to them through text. Feel free to go downstairs and test it out!PLEASE NOTE: With this system in place, you are responsible for walking down and greeting all of your guests. Neither security nor staff will be escorting your guests to you. Why? Because our goal is to make our community tight knit and safe and this system will help make that possible. Also remember that all stairwells, elevators, and entryways are key carded, so a wayward visitor may get stuck in an access-controlled area. Be sure to walk your visitors back to the 1st floor.

How do I get my logo on the plaque outside of my office?

To submit your logo for FREE installation on the plaque outside of your suite, please fill out this quick form.

*Keep in mind that ATV collects and orders logos in batches once a quarter. Submission date may impact lead time so please plan for 6-8 weeks to install.

Rooftop Hours

Having access to the Village's rooftop is an awesome perk, right? Hours for Villager access aligns with security hours which is 8AM-7PM Monday-Friday. The rooftop may be closed from time to time for a private event. We'll let you know through signage in the elevators.

Interested in hosting an epic rooftop event? We have some killer member discounted rates because we want you to throw cool parties. Email Nisha@atlantatechvillage.com to get event information. =)

I want to have an event at the Village. How do I schedule that?

If your group is 8 people or fewer, you may want to consider booking a conference room. You can do this at atlantatechvillage.com member login under Booking Calendar. During the day, you can use the Lenox National Boardroom for groups up to 20. In the evenings, the Lenox National Boardroom becomes an event space and must be rented through Nisha (nisha@atlantatechvillage.com). For larger events, you can rent the Event Center, Community Center, or Rooftop patio at a Member discounted rate. Please email Nisha for reservations or more info!

Where do I send and get mail/packages?

If you have a Reserved Desk or an Office, you can receive mail at the Village. You MUST put your company name and Atlanta Tech Village along with your personal information on the mail to receive it. Example:Your Name/Company NameAtlanta Tech Village3423 Piedmont Road NEAtlanta, GA 30305Please note- we compare names to the membership database list (Cobot). If a name on the letter or package is not in Cobot, it will be returned. All mail should be picked up in the mail room on the Club Level (basement). Mail is sorted into boxes labeled with your office or desk number. Mail is sorted and delivered to boxes 3 times a week. Check out the ping pong table and foosball in here, too!Outgoing letters can be mailed from the Outgoing Mail slot inside the mail room. Packages can be placed into the FedEx or UPS drop boxes located in the mail room (with pick up daily at 7pm), or you may need to schedule a pick up.

What should I do in an emergency situation?

What should I do if there's an active shooter?

  • Look out for an email alerting you of the situation from Village management!
  • Close and barricade all doors. Turn off all lights, computers, silence phones, etc.
  • Hide in a closed space, and try not to be seen. Stay hidden and wait until police clearance.

What should I do if there's inclement weather?

  • Move to the center of the lower levels of the building, away from the exterior windows. Try to get to Club Level or a lower floor restroom.

What if there's a medical emergency?

  • If there's a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911! If you need assistance, one of the Village team members is more than happy to help.
  • If you do not need to go to the hospital, remember we keep first aid kits under every kitchen sink. :)

What should I do if there's a fire?

  • Take the stairs all the way down (in the green stairwell? Go to Club Level. Orange stairwell? Go to 1st floor. See correlating directional signs below). Take the closest exit, and meet at the sidewalk in between Wells Fargo & Buckhead Church. The Village team will be at the bottom of every staircase directing you.
  • Need assistance? Go to the nearest stairwell and wait on the landing. The stairwells are 1-hour fire rated. A Village team member will join you shortly.
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*If you ever need to reach Village Security, call (678) 478-3087.*If you ever need to find a Village team member, come to either the front desk or to Suite 200.

Is there a printer I can use?

Yes! We have a wirelessly shared, community black and white laser printer (Brother DCP-L5650DN) for your use located in the 2nd floor library nook. It is also named Village Community Printer.Download the driver needed here and follow the instructions: Select the type of Operating System you are using, then press Search. Click CUPS Printer Drive (Recommended) and follow the directions on the window that pops up. Congratulations, now you can print!Not feeling the wireless vibe? Simply use the cord and plug in directly.You must be located on the second floor to print, it will not print if you are on another floor. You are allowed black and white printing with your membership, but please be environmentally (and tech) aware and keep your printing within reason. =)

Are pets welcome?

While we love the sweet and furry man's best friend as much as anyone else, we like them best when you leave them at home. Please do not bring your pets to the Village. If any Village staff member sees a dog on property, you will be fined $50 per sighting.

What is the wifi password?

Password: beniceandpayitforward

Do I need a business license?

Probably. Here's a list of commonly asked questions by tech companies who aren't sure if they need one. Please make sure that if you need a business license, you get one. Go to this link to get the details. Basically all it takes is getting a money order for $125 ($75 for the license and $50 for the first $50,000 in annual revenue) and filling out a form and mailing them both in to the city.

Is there a notary in the Village?

To notarize your documents please make an appointment with Irina by emailing irina@atlantatechvillage.com.

For your notary appointment please bring along your drivers license or a government issued ID.

Security concerns?

See anything suspicious or need to report a concern to security? From 8am to 6pm, this phone number is available to all of our members to reach out to our security guards directly: (404) 759-7736. Something super sketchy going on? You can always call 911.

Need Help? Community Resources for Support and Aid

Everyone has their own story and journey, and sometimes life can be really, really hard. Our best advice? Don't do it alone. Here is a list of community resources that are available to you. If the Village team can additionally provide support in any way, please let us know.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 - suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Victim of Rape: Grady Rape Crisis Hotline: 404-616-4861

Counseling Centers:

Nearby Hospitals:

  • Northside Hospital: 1000 Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30342
  • Emory University Hospital: 1364 Clifton Road Atlanta, GA 30322
  • Piedmont Atlanta Hospital: 1968 Peachtree Street SW Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: 1001 Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30342

Depression: atlantamoodsupport.com or riverwoodsbehavioral.com

Eating Disorder: Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders: 770-458-8711

Food Pantry: acfb.org or icareatlanta.com