Village Workshop: From Paper Napkin Concepts to Market

June 9, 2014
June 9, 2014 6:00 PM
8:00 pm
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This is a fast-paced and intensely-practical workshop where I will show you, quite literally, how I went from a paper-napkin sketch to a market-ready product that now supports 10's of thousands of users on a cloud-powered architecture.
(Oh, and it was also Kickstarted via and then successfully raised a follow-up round of venture capital for further growth!)
Using Pressgram and Desk PM, an iOS and OS X app respectively, I'll show you what it takes to take an idea and form it into a real product.
No, I won't be walking you through XCODE or Objective-C but instead giving you the top-level heuristics and principles of product design and development.
Who Should Attend:

  • Budding entrepreneurs who want to get a firm grasp on how to properly think about their first mobile venture.
  • Developers who want a more strategic perspective of how products are concepted and brought to market.
  • Leaders of organizations who want to be more intelligent and aware of the strategies and tactics for building a mobile app.
  • Project / Product managers who want to lead their teams more effectively.

Come prepared to ask questions in this pragmatic workshop that could help jump-start your ideas into a real and tangible product. We'll cover a lot of territory and based on your live-feedback we'll have a lot of fun!