Workshop: Injecting Comedy into your Presentations

February 5, 2014
February 5, 2014 1:00 PM
2:30 pm
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Startups and comedy have a lot in common because you have to make and take your own opportunities. Remember the golden rule: If you give a man a fish, that man knows where to get more fish. If you teach a man to fish, you destroy your marketplace.
My name is Marshall Chiles (Google me) and I want to teach you how to fish for humor. I am a professional international comedian who owns comedy clubs since 2001 including The Laughing Skull Lounge inside The Vortex in Midtown. I have produced over 5,000 comedy shows, performed on over 1,000 comedy shows, and taught over 100 comedy classes.
Did you know that the number one reason founders get replaced when their company gets funded is because of poor presentation skills? That's right. If you do not know how to present effectively, do not expect to stay at the head of your company for very long.
A great way to make a presentation effective is to use humor. When humor is used effectively, it engages the audience and lowers resistance. My presentation will show you my methodology completed with exercises to help you find and use humor in your presentations. I do not teach you how to tell your story. You need to already know that. What I will do is teach you how to make that story more powerful using humor.