Women + Tech Meetup - Your Story, Your Because: Telling Authentic You

February 9, 2022
February 9, 2022 12:00 PM
1:30 pm
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Your Story, Your Because: Telling Authentic You

Language has the collective power, through story, to influence opinions and outcomes. Whether you’re preparing a fundraising pitch, seeking support for your projects from colleagues, or motivating others toward a cause, you’re communicating ideas that deserve to be heard. In this session, you’ll learn the foundation for building a compelling story and prototype your own personal one-liner. Alex will also share a framework for crafting a short bio you can use for networking introductions!

Meet Alex de Aranzeta (she/her), a negotiator and linguist by education, tech entrepreneur by profession, and public speaker by passion. Alex helps founders and execs tell stories that stick. Last year, she coached nearly 50 leaders on problem solving, persuasive writing, inclusive management, and communication for fundraising (preseed to series A), panels, and conference presentations. She also advises on DEI and Storytelling at ATV, and is the Founder and CEO of Laurl, a human capital risk manager that lets HR manage people problems more compliantly and empathetically.

About the Women + Tech Meetup

Ladies of Atlanta, it’s time to come together to make the phrase “Women in Tech” obsolete! Join us as we openly discuss personal and professional growth, challenges in the workplace, community involvement, and whatever else is on your mind. Our Village can be the one to make women in tech the status quo.Second Wednesday of the Month12:00pm - 1:30pmMission:To empower women in tech through a kick-ass network, intentional teaching & purposeful community because it does take a village.Our goal is to make to Atlanta the number one place for “women in tech” (because clearly it’s not Silicon Valley).