Women + Tech Meetup | Present Like a Pro: Build Better Slide Stories

July 10, 2024
July 10, 2024 12:00 PM
1:30 pm
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About the Workshop:

Take your slide deck presentation skills to the next level for work, business, or personal projects. Learn the 3 primary presentation types, tips and techniques, and how to use STORY to get results.

Why you need this class:

* Be more persuasive in work, business, school, or community projects

* Create more compelling and aesthetically pleasing slide presentations

* Be more efficient and concise in your messages

* Deliver content with more confidence

Who this class is for:

* Beginners who want to improve their presentation skills

* Those who want to persuade, market, or sell something

* Professionals who need to level up their presentations at work

About the Host: 

Shannel Wheeler is a graphic designer, instructor, 2X author, and creative entrepreneur. She is the founder of Awesome Design Academy, a guide for beginners to empower themselves with practical design learning to garner more creative and financial opportunities. She is an alum of The Ohio State University and SCAD Atlanta, studying both visual communication design and interactive design. With 20 years of professional experience, Shannel has a breadth of knowledge, creating branding and design solutions for Fortune 500 clients, corporate brands, nonprofits, small businesses, tech startups, and her own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Shannel believes that learning design should be fun, engaging, and practical for today’s world. She uses online content, creative products, books, workshops, and classes to teach and inspire learners to apply what they’ve learned to their personal, professional, or business goals. She continues to remain a lifelong learner and practitioner of what she teaches through brand and design implementation for her clients. Above all, her primary goal is to create with purpose and help others do the same.

About the Series:

Ladies of the Village, it’s time to come together to make the phrase “Women in Tech” obsolete! Join us as we openly discuss personal and professional growth, challenges in the workplace, community involvement, and whatever else is on your mind. Our Village can be the one to make women in tech the status quo.

Mission: To empower women in tech through a kick-ass network, intentional teaching & purposeful community because it does take a village. Our goal is to make to Atlanta the number one place for “women in tech” (because clearly it’s not Silicon Valley).