Villgae Workshop: How to Build a Powerful Network from Scratch

Event DATE:
March 17, 2022
10:00 am
11:00 am
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Join us on March 17th for the Village Workshop: Serendipitous Ubiquity: How to Build a Powerful Network from Scratch with Adam Marx.

About this event

Networks are built on relationships and relationships are built on dialogues.

Figuring out how to create these types of long-term dialogues is often the key to creating the types of networks that afford you access: to investors, journalists, partners, and others.

But how do you stand out? How do you create conversations from scratch, & build them in a way that incentivizes continued conversation?

The short answer: networking.

Anyone can build an incredible network, and in this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the key challenges that founders run into and how to surmount them. We’ll talk authenticity, value creation, and how to build a powerful network from scratch.

We’ll cover:

  • How to build a network from scratch by focusing on long-term relationships
  • The concepts of “side-entrances” and “secondary networking” to create dialogue opportunities
  • Actionable tips for finding core value on LinkedIn
  • How to create the perception of ubiquity without actually having to be on every platform
  • Why one should focus on non-transactional relationship building
  • How these strategies are “target-agnostic” — whether you’re looking to get in front of VCs, journalists, etc.

Come join and let’s talk about how to supercharge your networking!

 Villgae Workshop: How to Build a Powerful Network from Scratch image

Adam is a networking & branding consultant, tech founder, journalist, music entrepreneur, and the founder of The Zero to One Networker. With his trademark orange sunglasses, Adam draws on more than a decade of experiences in the music and tech industries to teach others how to cultivate powerful relationships using strategies of patience, consistency, authenticity, and value creation. He loves to talk history, music trivia, and all the movie references.