[CANCELLED] Village Workshop: What's the Benefit?

May 31, 2016
May 31, 2016 2:00 PM
3:00 pm
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Do you wish you could offer benefits for your small business, but think there is no way you can afford it?
Are you missing out on great talent because you can’t offer competitive perks to current and prospective team members?
Do you feel lost in the mix of rules, regulations, costs, and the overall impact of these decisions?
If you said “yes” to any of these, you shouldn’t be discouraged. These are common problems that businesses of all sizes face when trying to offer benefits and perks to their employees. Forbes reported that only 14% of people really understand insurance and the implications it has on their business and for their people. Combine that with the process of paperwork, brokers, multiple vendors and technology and it’s a miracle that anyone offers benefits.
In this workshop, we’ll walk through:

  • why offer benefits and how to go about deciding what you should offer
  • how to make your dollar go further for each employee
  • evaluating partners (brokers, technology, vendors)
  • some of the latest tools and services to supplement your offerings to bring value to your team

This workshop is valuable for:

  • small business owners looking to start offering benefits
  • companies that currently offer benefits, but are looking to re-evaluate their offerings

About the Speaker


Josh is the office manager for SalesLoft, Inc. working in day-to-day operations and HR. Having worked in multiple industries, Josh has seen a variety of benefit offerings and structures ranging from the super traditional to those adapted for the modern workforce. He worked in the insurance industry just as the Affordable Care Act was making it’s way through the industry and has seen how it has affected companies for the better and for the worse. Josh has consulted with a handful of startups on their benefit offerings and how to structure their perks to maximize benefits to their employees.