Village Workshop: Top Gun Tactics for Business Mavericks - Wisdom from a Sales Ace

February 13, 2024
February 13, 2024 10:30 AM
12:00 pm
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About the Workshop


In the workshop, you will learn:

- the role your GTM strategy has on sales
- the difference between marketing and sales
- how most startup and businesses approach sales
- the 3-worded reason for EVERY sales loss
- steps a founder and salesperson can take to prevent sales losses

Ideal audience:

- Founders of startups
- Those in charge of sales
- Salespeople
- Private business owners

About the Facilitator

Mike Gomez is an 8-year Advisor on GTM and Sales to ATV. He has a sales record in excess of $10B - having sold jet fighters for both Boeing and Lockheed. His consulting firm, Allegro, was launched 20 years ago to change traditional trajectory of startups and privately-held businesses.

He is now serving in a leadership capacity with a business he has advised that has grown from $300K to $7M in revenue. Mike is a prolific speaker and writer about the subject of sales and business strategy.