Village Workshop: The Profitable Startup

March 14, 2023
March 14, 2023 10:30 AM
11:30 am
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Join us on Tuesday, March 14th to discover a unique approach to product development to ensure profitability.

About this event

There are 12 common reasons why startups fail. Most methodologies focus only on one point of failure, and that is product/market fit.

However, Elissa Bordner, author of the book, The Profitable Startup, has developed a unique approach to product development called the Profitable Method. This method accounts for all reasons why startups commonly fail and engineers those potential points of failure out of the equation.

The Profitable Method, is a proven framework. With it, with her most recent product launch, Elissa generated in $100 Million in year one post launch, without customer issues, without bugs needing to be fixed, without dot releases poised to theoretically save the day. That product still generates $100 Million per year for that company, five years later. All in all, the products that Elissa have brought to market cumulatively have generated closet to $1 Billion. All of that experience and expertise is accounted for in the Profitable Method.

In this workshop, Elissa will walk you through the unique steps of the Profitable Method. You will walk away from this workshop with much food for thought and inspiration to apply new insights to your startup company.

Before founding Atlanta Product Group to answer the calling she had to contribute her experience to the startup community, Elissa Bordner dedicated her entire twenty-plus-year corporate career to the art and science of bringing successful products to market in the corporate world. With numerous highly lucrative product launches in the OEM, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and wireless technology sectors, most of her corporate career was spent working in the Fortune 500 space. All in all, the products that she brought to market have cumulatively generated close to one billion dollars.

An inventor of several technology patents, she has led the development of many end-to-end integrated solutions in several technologies including DOCSIS 3.0, VoIP, High Speed Data, Fiber-to-the Home (FTTH), and Wi-Fi.

As an industry agnostic, she has served startups in the green energy, artificial intelligence, SaaS, Web 3.0, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, consumer goods, and non-profit sectors.