Village Workshop: SEO Bootcamp

March 19, 2014
March 19, 2014 2:00 PM
4:00 pm
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SEO on a Budget: Keyword Research and DIY SEO Bootcamp

We've covered the basics of SEO strategy, talked about pay per click advertising, and learned some tips and tricks on resources you can easily access. In this workshop, we're rolling up our sleeves and going through some of the principles we've previously learned.
In many of the past workshops, we talked about keyword research. In this bootcamp workshop, we’ll review the basic fundamentals of SEO and share action strategies that you can take away and implement immediately. We’ll do a keyword research exercise and use live examples* from YOU to determine how to select and target practical, realistic keywords. Get ready to take notes as we discuss the myths, misunderstandings and must-do action items to start kick-start an effective DIY SEO strategy. Bring your questions and your laptop, or go old school with pen and paper.
*if you wish for Jenny to review your company’s keywords and SEO strategy and provide expertise and advice during the workshop fill out this questionnaire.
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