Village Workshop: InfoSec for your Startup

Event DATE:
January 13, 2015
2:00 pm
3:30 pm
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7 Steps to Secure your Web Servers

Have a website? Mobile app? If it's not 1982, then I bet you do, and I bet making sure it's secure is super important to you (and more importantly, your customers).
In this talk I will show how to cover the most important security concerns for a company's website or web application. Sometimes Information Security (InfoSec) can seem overwhelming, but by working on it for a few hours most companies will be able to mitigate all but the most uncommon threats. At the end of the talk we'll show how to automate an information security policy so that it is applied to all servers consistently. And, once security is automatic you don't have to think about it every day.
The audience for this one skews a bit technical- ideally you have something to do with the production of the website or web application for your start-up. Founders, you might find it interesting also, but we will get into some specific technical steps, so to get the most out of it attendees should have at least one of the following technical chops:
1. Be able to code a little in one of: HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Go, C, etc...
2. Be able to use the Linux (or Mac) Terminal (a.k.a. the "command line")
See you there!

About the Instructor


Josh Austin,

Ionic Security
Josh Austin is the founder of, an Backend-as-a-Service company based in Atlanta. has provided API services for clients like Samsung, Disney, and HA&W, and was recently acquired by Ionic Security. Ionic Security empowers you to allow your data to leave your network, to go to the cloud, and to reside on any device or network … while you remain aware of it and in control. Josh holds a Computer Science degree from Clemson University and a MBA from Georgia Tech.