Village Workshop: How to Create Stories That Sell

April 12, 2016
April 12, 2016 2:00 PM
4:00 pm
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86% of the Value Props that sales people present aren’t relevant enough to get the prospect to take action. (According to a study by CSO Insights)
The reality is that for every business problem that exists in your prospects world there are 2-3 different ways they can solve it. Worse yet, they may just decide to stay with the status quo. It’s never been more difficult to cut through all the marketing noise and get the attention of the right prospect. This becomes even more difficult when launching a new company, product or service.
What if you could...

  • Take all that is your product or service and deliver it in a sales conversation that is clear and concrete?
  • Communicate in a way the conveys high value to your prospect?
  • Build a foundation of trust with your customers because they perceive that they are at the heart of your sales conversation?

MasterMessaging Workshop Where You Will...

  • Learn how to build a story about your prospects world that spotlights your value
  • Understand how to use personal stories to to build rapport and trust with your prospect
  • Build a conversation that taps into the emotional part of your prospects world


About the Speaker
David Kurkjian has 25 years of experience leading sales teams with companies like BellSouth, CareerBuilder and Yodle. He is the founding consultant at MasterMessaging where he teaches business owners and salespeople to communicate about their company, product or service in a way that is valuable, clear and meaningful. He’s recently worked with companies like Vantiv, Assurant Solutions and Intradiem. He’s also been an advisor to the Atlanta Tech Village community for the last 2 years.
David loves to teach. He believes there is a unique joy in seeing someone be able to apply a principle or technique in their life and have the corresponding value show up every day. He also believes that sales professionals and business owners can find significant meaning in the work that they do as well.