Village Workshop: The Future-Proof Tech Brand

May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014 2:00 PM
3:30 pm
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Building a brand strategy to support the growth and exit strategies of technology startups

You built the company. Then, you sold the company. What’s next? What happens after the dust settles? Another product? Another company? Another brand? Is there a difference?
So often with startup technology firms, the product is the company and the brand, they are one and the same. So when the company or product is sold, there’s nothing left… other than the founders. But, did that brand have to go? Does the next venture have to start from scratch? Well, probably – if it was inextricably attached to the product or company being sold.
A bit of planning and structuring of the brand or brands could save you from starting over each time you build a company. It could even aid in the building of awareness, interest, investment and ultimately, the exit.
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the strategies for building a brand or portfolio of brands that will grow with the company or support a clean exit. We’ll also cover when and how to name the company, products, technologies and services – and how to put it all together in a manner fits the business strategy… and budget.