Village Workshop: Android 101

November 18, 2014
November 18, 2014 2:00 PM
3:30 pm
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Learn the things that are possible with Android apps that don't work quite the same with iOS

Android and iOS are the two most dominant mobile platforms on the market. Despite their similarities, they are actually very very different under the hood.
Because they are built on different philosophies, the types of applications that can be built on each are very different. This workshop aims to educate the iOS app user on the differences to hopefully help future Android apps be more native and powerful.


- What the obvious use cases that work better on Android are (tracking phone calls for sales reps for example)
- What Android is and where it came from
- What forms apps on Android can take

About the Instructor

Chris Hamilton CEO
Chris Hamilton is the CEO at Novarata, a startup b2b mobile app developer in Atlanta. Chris started his career at Verizon Wireless in the network engineering department after Georgia Tech. After building software for telecom, Chris got into e-commerce with brands like PGA TOUR and Coke. Chris has built applications for retail, field service, transportation, engineering and home services.