The Delegation Workshop for Working Moms

April 17, 2024
April 17, 2024 12:00 PM
12:30 pm
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This is an externally hosted event, happening online.

Get hands-on and reclaim your time! Join us at The Delegation Workshop for Working Moms, where you'll leave armed with a personalized delegation plan and the know-how to start delegating effectively. Our speakers will walk you through creating your task list and finding people to delegate them to.


Lakshmi, Tamara, and Erica are all Atlanta-area Startup Founders and busy moms, so they understand the mental "Load" moms take on. They have joined together to create the "Unload the Load" Movement to encourage moms to find easier solutions to taking off their load and work towards a more balanced lifestyle.

Lakshmi Jayanthi lives in Johns Creek, GA and is the founder of the Pickup Sports for Families App, which encourages kids to play neighborhood sports, taking the pressure of sports off of parents and kids. With two young boys of her own, she was frustrated with the intensity of youth sports and now encourages her kids to build ownership over their playtime while keeping it fun for everyone.

Tamara Vrooman Lucas lives in Decatur, GA and is a busy single mom of two boys. Like so many working moms, she has struggled to find the time to manage her work, her children and home, and still make an impact on the world and in her community. She created My Panda (The Personal Assistant Next Door App) to help support other women who encounter this same issue.

Erica Tuggle lives in Atlanta, GA and is a mom of two young (and busy!) children. Throughout her career in Corporate America she was constantly challenged by managing career and home, especially meals. She decided that she wanted to help her family and others get rid of the burden of weekday meal planning and prep and create healthier food options for families. Erica launched Cookonnect in 2022, leaving her career at The Coca-Cola Company to embark on a journey to help families enjoy nutritious meals and dinner together while also supporting local chefs in our communities.