Tech Talk: ​How you can rewire your brain for better productivity and energy

September 22, 2015
September 22, 2015 2:00 PM
3:30 pm
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"To find real power and achievement, you must push beyond your fears to discover your true potential." Dr. David Bach is focused on helping others unlock their potential. He truly believes everyone has the capacity for greatness, and he works to help everyone achieve peak performance through rewiring both brain and body. "It is about achieving peak performance for exponential life change."
Dr. Bach's aspires to bring scientific rigor to the rapidly growing field of human performance optimization, while helping others embrace and benefit from his scientific findings. His high energy, sense of humor and powerful insights immediately engage every audience. David shares stories of his life, his work, and his scientific research to help listeners create powerful change in their lives with tangible results.
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  • Real and tangible tools to help achieve peak performance and efficiency in brain power
  • Tools to enhance effectiveness and life-experience
  • A better knowledge of how to create powerful change in your life with tangible results
  • A strong understanding of how peak performance applies to your entrepreneurial journey and can help you grow and reach your business goals

About Dr. David Bach


Dr. Bach is the founder and chairman of The Platypus Institute; a research organization devoted to the study of peak performance technologies. Dr. Bach is Harvard-trained scientist, physician and serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding The Platypus Institute, he started and built three $100 million healthcare service companies. He has also been a management consultant, a venture capitalist and a professional cellist. After a decade-long quest to maximize his own mental and physical performance, during which he personally tried out over 75 different approaches to rewire his brain and body, Dr. Bach created The Platypus Institute with two goals in mind:
(1) To bring scientific rigor to the rapidly growing field of human performance optimization; and
(2) To identify the most effective and efficient technologies we can use today to radically enhance our effectiveness and life-experience.