Talent Bootcamp

August 31, 2023
August 31, 2023 10:00 AM
12:00 pm
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As a founder, you spend lots of time building your product, landing customers, and attracting investment. But is your company “people ready”?

Corps Team is hosting a 4-part boot camp that will give you the tools and insights needed to attract, hire, and retain the talent you need to grow your company.

The boot camp continues on August 31st from 10am-noon at ATV. This session will focus on how to prepare for hiring. You'll create an ICP (ideal candidate profile), learn about the “CX” (candidate’s experience), and build a talent pitch deck.

Megan Heaney, Head of People Operations and Organizational Strategy at Groundfloor is our guest speaker. She'll share the “been there, done it” stories of how Groundfloor has scaled its people function in a fast-growth environment.

This is a great opportunity for founders, C-suite members, and hiring managers to add to their skill sets, establish foundational processes, and learn from the experts.

Attendance at Part 1 is not required but having your mission, vision, and values statements completed is recommended. For more details and information from Part 1 of the boot camp, contact Jane McCracken at

Stay tuned for details on Parts 3, and 4 of Corps Team’s Talent Bootcamp.