Startup Summer School | Session 4: Branding: It's Not (Just) Your Logo

June 27, 2023
June 27, 2023 10:00 AM
11:30 am

Atlanta Tech Village

3423 Piedmont Road NE

Atlanta Georgia 30305

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Branding: It's Not (Just) Your Logo | Molly Dickinson, Banner Day

Your brand is so much more than your logo, your name, or even your website. It’s the sum of every expression you share and impression you make on your audiences. It’s what people think, feel, remember, and tell others about your company. Ultimately, it’s what inspires people to connect with and support your business. Or not. Purposefully defining and building your brand—from strategy, messaging, and design through consistent application and continual evolution—is essential now and at every stage of growth. This session introduces you to the basics: What branding is, why it matters, and the foundations of creating and growing a great one.

About the Instructor

Molly Dickinson is the founder and creative director of Banner Day®, the words-first* naming and branding company created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. (*Not a typo.) She’s also the co-founder of INVINCIBLE INC.®, a one-of-a-kind partnership with Atlanta intellectual property law firm, Vivid IP®, offering all-in-one creative branding + legal trademarking packages for emerging and early-stage businesses.

As an advisor, colleague, and collaborator, Molly has helped more than 125 clients put brand-building, business-enhancing, audience-enchanting ideas to work for their organizations. An award-winning writer, she earned an English degree in creative writing and literature from Elon University, where she also published an honors thesis in original poetry. (Turns out, being able to pack maximum meaning into minimal space—a line, a logo—is a branding superpower.) After landing her first freelance writing gig over a decade ago, she never stopped working for herself. Even while serving full-time as the first and only messaging lead for a top brand experience agency, she kept partnering with entrepreneurs to pursue the work she loves most: Helping fellow self-starters, startups, and upstarts create brands worth celebrating.