Startup Summer School #6 - Creating Your Culture

July 7, 2022
July 7, 2022 12:00 PM
1:30 pm
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Have an idea? Do you crave to build something? Each Thursday this summer, you will learn from the best in the industry about what it looks like to start your own company and how to do it well. The Village is all about growing startups in Atlanta. Our mission is to provide training, support, and guidance to new entrepreneurs. Let’s do this!

Creating Your Culture with Alex De Aranzeta

Culture is everything. And in the startup world, a lack of defined culture can negatively impact your success. A Founder is the creator and keeper of how others experience your company. Laying a foundation for your team includes developing a deep understanding of and the ability to articulate your “why”. Learn how to develop a vision, mission statement and guiding principles that can help you lead and align your team with focus and passion.

About the Speaker: Alex (she/her) is the founder and CEO of Laurl, a human capital risk manager that helps companies and HR teams track and manage culture concerns more compliantly and inclusively. Before starting Laurl, she spent a decade working in Civil Rights and compliance across government, higher ed and enterprise, where she resolved 400 cases of discrimination and harassment and advised and trained 250+ companies on equity and compliance policies and practices. Alex has a deep background in mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution, as well as building diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs. She is an active advisor to startups on DEI and coaches pre-seed to Series B+ founders and execs on communication, culture, and public speaking.