Social Engagement Summit, presented by Insightpool

August 5, 2014
August 5, 2014 11:00 AM
7:00 pm
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The Social Engagement Summit is the premier conference dedicated to highlighting the reasons and benefits companies should embrace proactive and reactive engagements on social media.
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11:30 - 12:00pm - Meet & Greet & Lunch


12:00pm - Introduction

Devon Wijesinghe, Chief Executive Officer, Insightpool

12:05pm - 12:20pm - Keynote

Chris Walters, Chief Operating Officer, The Weather Channel

12:25pm - 12:55pm - Panel
Should we respond to every mention of our brand?

For those in the customer service world, there’s often more mentions than they can reasonably keep up with. Should every one of these mentions be acknowledged? If so, what are the acceptable timeframes for addressing these questions or comments? Should we be prioritizing influencers? What Should we be prioritizing Influencers? What brands are doing the best job? Finally, how do we possibly quantify the impact of responding?
Kelly Deen, Director of Consumer Marketing, Cartoon Network
Brian Diggelmann, Digital Media Coordinator, Sweetwater Brewing Company
Alex Buznego, Director, Business & Digital Innovation, Miami Marlins


1:00pm - 1:20pm - Presentation
Innovating in Plain Sight. Real-Time at the FIFA World Cup

Neil Bedwell, Global Group Director - Digital Strategy & Content, Coca Cola

1:25pm - 1:55pm - Panel

Not every brand is fortunate enough to have millions of likes or followers. In fact, the majority of us are fighting an uphill battle to build an engaged audience. Fortunately, by 2014, we’re no longer in a rat race to see who can get the most likes or followers as most marketers are looking beyond the fluffy numbers in favor of engagement. But, why should it stop there? The majority of social media users are ‘consumers’ rather than ‘producers’ so companies can’t afford to wait for these lurkers to speak up. How can we find those that will take the greatest interest in my brand?
Jamie Sawyer, Director of Social Media, Raycom Media
Chelsea Curtis, Social Media Manager, Airwatch
Caleb Spivack, Director of Social Media & Emerging Technologies, North American Properties


2:00pm - 2:20pm - Presentation

Adam Naide, Social Media Leader and Digital Marketing Executive, COX Communications

2:20pm - 2:50pm - Break


2:55pm - 3:10pm - Presentation

Josh Martin, Director of Digital & Social Media, Arby’s - How Arby’s Slayed the Grammys with One Tweet

3:15pm - 3:45pm - Panel

How do I identify & engage those that can spread my message far & wide? (Panel #3) Everyone loves influencers, but how can we activate the right ones? Traditional influencers often require monetary incentives and topical influencers are bombarded with requests. What about the citizen influencers? What about the folks that have the right one-thousand followers? How can I incentivize them to spread the word? Put away your money -- the answers may surprise you.
Phillip Kinzler, Senior Manager of Brand Activation, Newell Rubbermaid
Austen Tully, Management Supervisor, BBDO
Will Scroggin, Social Media Community Manager, COX Communications
Steve Goldner, Chief Engagement Officer, Social Steve


3:50pm - 4:10pm - Presentation
Creating and Maintaining Engaged Communities

Ashley Sasnett, Global Group Director - Digital Strategy & Content, Suntrust

4:15pm - 4:45pm - Panel
How can earned media best compliment paid & owned?

Otherwise known as social advertising, social publishing and social engagement, these types of media work great together when baked into a cohesive strategy. But, each one plays a different role in the market mix. What KPIs are most appropriate to include when building a strategy around each? What are the pros and cons of each form of media? How do different vertical goals impact the right marketing mix?
Melissa Musgrove, Vice President, Head of Social Media, Regions Financial Corporation
Chris Tuff, SVP, Director of Emerging Media & Partnerships, 22squared
David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer, MRY
Michoel Ogince, Director of Platform & Product Strategy, Big Fuel

4:50pm - 5:10pm - Presentation
The Secret Value of The Social Inbox

Adam Wexler, Chief Strategy Officer, Insightpool

5:15pm - 5:45pm - Panel
How can we bring direct marketing practices to social media to drive real business results?

Advertising on social can be a great source of brand awareness, but does it really drive the bottom line? Email marketing, and more specifically marketing automation, have enabled brands to communicate directly with consumers in a personalized manner at scale. As marketers, should we be bringing these direct marketing tactics to our social strategies? If so, how can we facilitate this personalization at scale? What are the best practices for ensuring my brand’s direct communications will be warmly received? What are the keys to not only achieving a positive reception, but better yet, my desired actions? Lastly, how can we ensure our brands avoid SPAM concerns?
Ashley Sassnet, Vice President, Social Media Marketing, Suntrust
Ed Peterson, Director of Social Media, YP
Emily Binder, Director of Marketing, Budget Rent-a-Car
Brent Ducote, Head of Client Success, Insightpool


6:00pm - 7:30pm - Cocktail Hour

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