QXR Workshop: Leveraging Your Past to Accelerate Your Future | Village Workshop

November 7, 2023
November 7, 2023 10:30 AM
11:30 am
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Our lives contain a database of information that tells us what operating at our full potential looks like. The problem is that many of us don't take the time to access this data. In this workshop, I share a framework I've created to help you do just that. I call it the QXR. If you're familiar with QBR's - quarterly business review, the QXR is the same concept. "X" is for you to define. It's a variable that defines what that "x-factor" is for you in this season of your career. A quarterly YOU review.

After this workshop, you will walk away with a framework to help you:

1. Create better recaps of your year. At the end of the year, you can look at the headlines from your QXR and more easily conduct a year in review, see patterns/trends, and remember how far you have come

2. Build confidence by grounding yourself in data and taking ownership of just how much you’ve done.

3. Prioritize what matters most. By regularly reviewing your goals you can assess which ones still make sense, perhaps refine dreams that can now become goals, and align your choices to the direction of your dreams


Margaret is a seasoned GTM leader who spent 12 years building, scaling, and leading high-growth sales organizations from teams of 2 to 115. Through her experience as an operator and consultant, she partners with founders, startups, and executive leadership teams to unlock their next level of growth. Whether it's helping build scalable foundations, tackling root problems keeping you stuck, or codifying what works to optimize results, Margaret believes transformation begins when we can put information into action.