Atlanta Web Performance Group Meetup

February 4, 2015
February 4, 2015 7:00 PM
9:00 pm
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Come join us in our next Web Performance Meetup where Ken Ahrens from New Relic presents an overview of the benefits of a modern Application Performance Management approach to monitoring your website performance to improve your end-user experience
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Modern Application Performance Management Approaches
by Ken Ahrens, Enterprise Engineer, New Relic
Now that Software has all but eaten the entire world, everyone has a customer-facing website. It's no longer enough to just do some basic memory/cpu monitoring on the server and hope that all is well. And just monitoring the server-side code might give you a false sense of security. A modern Application Performance Management (APM) approach is to measure the end-user experience, application code and infrastructure. The purpose of this talk is to discuss Modern APM, especially for Rich Internet Apps.
About Ken:
Ken has a 10-year background in Software Engineering in APM, Big Data Analytics, DevOps, Service Virtualization and Network Management. He has worked primarily on the vendor side, currently with New Relic. He spent 6 years with a startup named ITKO and helped create the Service Virtualization space (ITKO was acquired by CA Technologies in 2011). Prior to ITKO he cut his teeth on APM with Wily, focused on Java, .NET and end-user monitoring. He has lived in the Atlanta area for nearly 20 years and went to school at Georgia Tech.