MiniCamp Atlanta

April 23, 2016
April 23, 2016 8:00 AM
5:00 pm
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What is MiniCamp Atlanta?
MiniCamp Atlanta is a one-day single-track Drupal summit held in Spring in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Started in 2016, MiniCamp Atlanta presents eight spectacular sessions and speakers providing expertise, training, and guidance on up-and-coming trends in Drupal.
For 2016, MiniCamp Atlanta is embracing all that is Drupal 8. All sessions will focus primarily on Drupal 8 and the new technologies, libraries, and strategies involved.
Who should come to MiniCamp Atlanta?
MiniCamp Atlanta is perfect for any Drupal editor, development, site builder, or themer looking to gain competence, expertise, best-practices, or knowledge about Drupal 8's new features and functionality.
Who is organizing MiniCamp Atlanta?
The Atlanta Drupal Users Group
The Atlanta Drupal Users Group (ADUG) is a community of designers, developers, site builders, and engineers who work with Drupal to create websites and web applications for educational, commercial, professional, and personal use. This group's primary goal is to help spread the collective knowledge of all things Drupal, as well as educate and train users on the newest technologies and features associated with Drupal to further the experienced Drupaler's understanding