[CANCELLED] Make It Real: Honest Feedback - Learn what people really think of your idea

March 9, 2016
March 9, 2016 7:00 PM
9:00 pm
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This event has been cancelled.

As humans, we care a lot about what other people think. Unfortunately, we live in a world where exchanging niceties is more socially acceptable than telling others how you really feel. Great founders know that critical feedback is more useful than a pat on the back, but sadly, most people are too afraid of confrontation to speak the truth.
Our meetup this month is about brutal honesty. It's a chance for you to hear critical thoughts about your idea, and also tell others exactly how you feel about theirs. If this meetup were an American Idol judge, it would totally be Simon. So put on your grumpy pants, waltz on over to Atlanta Tech Village, and join your thick-skinned startup peers in a night of glorious candor.
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We can't wait to see everyone at the next meetup!
Yours in Realness,
Chris Turner & Justin Richards