Investor Readiness Course

November 4, 2014
November 4, 2014 12:00 AM
12:00 am
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Investor Readiness Course, featuring Michael Horten

Entrepreneurial growth companies generally require one or several rounds of financings. Unfortunately, it happens far too often that entrepreneurs fail in this endeavor; not because their company is not fundable, but as a result of their lack of understanding of the capital raising process and/or today’s market for early-stage capital.
The Horten CC Investor Readiness Course is a two-session course aimed at filling this knowledge gap and will cover all of the finance, legal and tax issues that an entrepreneur will need to know to have a successful capital raise. The course will be highly interactive -- enrollment will be limited to 20 participants for members of Atlanta Tech Village only. Course attendance also includes lunch!
Course is November 4 and November 11. Please make sure to attend both sessions.
At the end of this course, you should double your chances of having a successful raise.
Actionable takeaways:

  • How do I make sure my company is fundable?
  • How much should I raise?
  • How do I approach angels (individual angels vs. angel groups)
  • Am I getting the right terms?
  • How do I make sure that I don't run afoul of the securities laws?

About the Instructor

Michael Horten, Horten CC

Michael Horten is a US and European educated lawyer with over 40 years’ experience as a practicing attorney. Mr. Horten began his legal career with Sullivan & Cromwell in New York and Paris. He then spent 25 years with King & Spalding in Atlanta. At the end of 1999, he retired from the King & Spalding partnership to launch Horten CC, a virtual law firm that focuses on the needs of entrepreneurial growth companies.
Horten CC employs a non-traditional practice model that is based on two key philosophical underpinnings: First, Mr. Horten founded the firm on the premise that top-rate legal services do not have to be bundled with the “marble” and “mahogany” environment that typically is associated with those services. The firm has no central offices, no paper files and it uses the latest technology to create efficiencies. As a result, the firm’s fees are considerably lower than those charged by firms of comparable ability and quality. Second, Horten CC bills its clients for the value delivered and not for the time spent by the attorney. The firm does not keep track of every “six minutes,” as is the norm in most law firms. The firm believes that its clients purchase its lawyers’ skill, not their time. The firm’s work is typically performed for a fixed fee.