Buzz — A Happy Hour Event: Achieving Business Results Through Content

May 11, 2023
May 11, 2023 6:30 PM
9:00 pm
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[This is an externally hosted event at Atlanta Tech Village]

Imagine having to plan a birthday party for your best friend, but you only had access to the miscellaneous decor box stuffed in your closet. Despite the constraints, you lean on all the resources available (plus a little ingenuity) to throw one rager of a party.Besides, it's the people that show up — your friends — who make all the stories worthwhile.Now more than ever, marketers are being asked to leverage the teeniest budgets, wear way too many party hats, and generate content results with limited resources.The math ain’t mathing, and we don't need ChatGPT to tell us why. Harnessing the power of your team, even when budgets are in a pinch, is how invaluable stories are told. Now’s the perfect time to double down on content creation and capture market share from competitors who are sacrificing content for other priorities. How, you ask?Enter and Share Your Genius — content and storytelling experts! We’re bringing together marketing leaders to share practical solutions on how to ramp up content efforts while scaling down resources.We’ll be covering topics like:

  • How market uncertainty is impacting content strategies
  • Recommendations for how to use AI and when to avoid it
  • Ways to create E-A-T and increase your organic search presence
  • How to leverage your brand’s most powerful asset — your story
  • How to create a content workflow from blogs to podcasts

Grab your party hat and join us for this special event and hear from experienced marketers, network with your peers, and have a chance to be featured in our pop-up podcast studio! Now that’s a party (if we do say so ourselves)!


  • Colleen Jones, President, Content Science
  • Nicole MacLean, Head of Growth Marketing,
  • Rachel Downey, CEO & Founder, Share Your Genius
  • Ty Collins, VP of Marketing, OnPay