Expat Expectations: Transitioning Talent Across Blurred Borders

June 12, 2023
June 14, 2023 11:30 AM
1:30 pm
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[This is an event that is externally hosted happening at ATV.]As hybrid models blur the lines between physical and virtual work, companies are shrinking their office footprints and reconsidering relocations. The trend presents new challenges for talent management, but also opportunities to dip into labor pools no longer hindered by geography. Tradeoffs are inevitable.International firms breaking into the U.S. market through Atlanta face an even more complex set of considerations, such as how to bring in executives to set up operations, deal with disparate hiring rules and customize products or services for a new market.For relocated executives and international hires, all this comes on top of the incumbent logistical and cultural challenges of settling into a new city and country — whether getting a driver’s license, financing a home or finding a school for the kids.On June 14, Global Atlanta will bring together a slate of experts to provide the latest insights on running a global team from our global city, interspersed with personal stories from expatriates who have made the jump to Atlanta. The resulting discussion will help you manage expat expectations as you onboard and integrate new team members across borders.