Everything You Need to Know to be Successful in the Programmatic Era

Event DATE:
November 5, 2014
11:30 am
1:00 pm
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Programmatic Media Buying has taken over digital display and its inclusion within media plans and budgets is moving faster than how its bidding technology works! eMarketer suggest that up to 83% of display advertising will be purchased through programmatic technology by 2017. As we enter into 2015, it is essential that digital marketers understand the fundamentals of how this technology works, why it’s so effective, and some of the leading best practices in driving value for our clients. To assist our Atlanta interactive community with becoming leaders in this space, AIMA is proud to present a roundtable of experts from every point of the Programmatic Buying Ecosystem!
The roundtable will be moderated by Jerelle Gainey, VP of Technology and Data Services at BKVand brings together experts from the following providers in the Programmatic Buying Ecosystem.

  • Stefanie Henderson from Tremor Video will provide insights and answer your questions on Trading Desk and Ad Exchanges, followed by insights by our panel.
  • Harry Maugans from Clickagy will provide best practices and answer your questions on Supply Side Platforms and Data Partners, followed by group discussion by our panel of experts.
  • Dave Rollo from 360i will give us the goods on and answer your questions on DSPs, Ad Verification and Dynamic Creative, followed by best practices from our panel of experts.
  • Alvin Glay from Verizon will provide insights into selecting ad networks partners and the usage of SSPs and how to protect your brand online.

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