A Dollar And A Dream: Entrepreneur/Small Business Seeder

Event DATE:
March 5, 2015
6:00 pm
8:00 pm
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A man pitches his company, Tower Paddle Boards, but chokes mid-way through his presentation. This guy, like many of you, has a pretty good idea. But he's obviously missing something. What do you think that is...A Dollar And A Dream. Rhetoric aside, a business needs only two things to sustain growth: customers and the resources to get them. That's it. That's all it takes.
Notice I didn't mention a word about the awesome product/service that your business offers. Not a word. Believe it doesn't even matter!
I guarantee, as you have already learned, that there is a dedicated audience ready to sustain your business.The question and the energy would serve you better in engaging this dedicated audience and beyond. How do you do that now? How will you do this going forward allowing your business to grow and expand? This event will give you the tools to create the pipeline for your business' expansion.
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In less the 2 hours you will learn:

  • How to find out what language your business needs to be in to attract growth agents (customers/funders).
  • The key ingredients any content about your business needs to have.
  • How to allow growth agents to "self select" (SEEK YOU OUT!)
  • What funding options are available to you to create growth.
  • How to access said funding

You've done an excellent job creating your business. At this point you've given yourself a taste of what you can do. All the sacrifice: the time, the effort, the energy, and of the course the money. The dedication you've shown is what has allowed you to prove the naysayers wrong and yourself right. But its not over. You're journey has just begun. At the very least you've done nothing but seperate yourself from all the "would be" entrepreneurs. At this point it is time to create the next step within your vision. It's also time to arm yourself with the necessary resources for your businesses ascension.
Seating is extremely limited.
This is a FREE event, although donations will be accepted.