Co-Founder Speed Dating

November 11, 2013
November 11, 2013 6:30 PM
8:30 pm
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Did you know that founding teams with multiple co-founders have a greater chance of success? If you're looking for someone to join your venture, looking for a venture to join, or open to either, sign up and attend this local, in-person Meetup to discover the perfect co-founder to round out your team. You'll meet other entrepreneurs who are as energized as you are about launching a new business and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills.
Serendipity is great, but sometimes a little structure can go a long way. Unlike some networking events which lack structure and are cluttered with a large amount of people with varying intentions‚ this meetup is laser-focused to help you find a co-founder. Join us, in partnership with CoFoundersLab, to find the next critical piece of your puzzle!
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