Capital Conversations: The Ins and Outs of Term Sheets (Members Only)

Event DATE:
May 4, 2023
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
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You have received a term sheet from your future investor, and... Join our term sheet deep-dive with Scott Lopano, Tech Square Ventures, AT Gimbel, Atlanta Ventures, and Nelson Chu, Kinetic Ventures to discuss:

  • What is a term sheet?
  • How to review a term sheet?
  • What does each clause mean?
  • What can/should be negotiated?
  • What is standard and what to pay attention to?
  • How does valuation fit into the term sheet equation?

About Capital Conversations

Capital Conversations is a series of bi-monthly coffee chats bringing together the investor and Atlanta Tech Village communities for casual networking and learning.

This event is sponsored by Intralinks and Silicon Valley Bank.