[CANCELLED] Biz Savvy Artist Academy

August 22, 2015
August 22, 2015 9:30 AM
9:00 pm
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This event has been cancelled.

How are YOU going to make your dream reality?
Do you have a PLAN?
Join us on Aug. 22nd-23rd to program your G.P.S. for success and start making money doing what you love! Biz Savvy Artist™ Academy features fun and interactive entrepreneurship and entertainment business workshops led by subject matter experts where you will:
Establish a Clear Vision, Mission and Goals for your Business
Develop a Solid Structure that Positions Your Business for Success
Create a Marketing Strategy to Effectively Reach Your Target Audience without Wasting Money
Build and Manage Your All-Star Team, as well as
Organize Your Finances and Avoid The Biggest Money Mistakes Artists Make
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There will also be…
A Networking Mixer: “Two heads are better than one” so we encourage artists to connect and collaborate; assisting one another to achieve their goals;
An Experiential Expo: Since our attendees are hands on learners, we've ditched the traditional expo model for a more interactive one. The "Experiential Expo" allows our emerging artists to tour, test and experience our sponsors’ products and services; and
A Keynote Lunch: They did it! And, you can too. Successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry will share their inspirational stories.
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