The Atlanta Blockchain Meetup

January 2, 2018

3423 Piedmont Road NE

Atlanta GA 30305

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The Atlanta Blockchain (TAB). This group focuses on educating the community about decentralized crypto technologies. Many new and exciting things are happening in this space, things are changing quickly, don't be left behind. The future will be encrypted and decentralized and this is the time to learn what the heck is going on. We will focus on many things including: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, decentralized storage, alt-coins, mining, programming, blockchain as a database, general education 101's, and more. Please come join us to be part of this technology revolution!

Bitcoin Donation Address: 1MZjTbx1Qho2KY5s7EetLcQBXCyjqySpUh RSVP here: