American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Atlanta Chapter Meeting

September 8, 2014
September 8, 2014 7:00 PM
9:00 pm
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AA-ISP event, we're honored to present QGenda's Frank Tumminia (VP Sales) and Greg Benoit (CEO).
In the last 18 months, the QGenda sales team has grown from 1 full-time rep to over 15 and they've added over $4.2 mm ARR across 400 clients with an SDR team that has generated over 1400 demos during that period of time.
These are obviously impressive numbers but get this...they sell to physicians...and use an all inside sales model. In an industry that's been so 'face-to-face' focused, they are a world-class example of an inside sales model of the highest performance using best practices in inside sales.
This presentation will be a unique perspective because it's not just the VP sales, but also their CEO speaking. They'll discuss the following:
1. Why and how Greg (CEO) chose Frank (VPS)
2. Why and how Frank (VPS) chose QGenda
3. How does Greg pass expectations to Frank?
4. How does Frank report performance to Greg
5. The biggest lesson they've each learned
6. The biggest mistake from their perspectives
....and their philosophies on best practices for sales process, hiring, coaching, metric's driven management, and sales tools.
They'll be carving out over 20% of the presentation for live questions and have promised to give specific and clear advice that you can put to work in your business today!